Aluminum Extrusion Mating Parts

This aluminum extrusion is an example of producing a large part with multiple hollows from a single, repeating, self-mating profile.  The overall shape is approximately a 6″ round, with five hollow void sections.  As a single extrusion, this shape would be very challenging to produce, and expensive to tool up for.  Given the application’s limited volume requirement, we produced a smaller, single hollow shape, that makes up ninety degrees of the overall round shape.  When four of these sections are put together with its tongue and groove interface, it makes the complete round section, with the required five hollow voids. Thermoprene is confident we can help with any of your aluminum extrusion needs.

aluminum mating parts

Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities:

Thermoprene has the following capabilities with aluminum extrusions:

  • 6000 series alloys, all tempers
  • Limited specialty alloys (2000 & 7000 solid only)
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication & Secondary
  • Finishing (Brush, Polish, Anodize, Powder Coat & Paint)
  • Stock & Custom Tooling
  • Custom Protective and Retail Packaging


Thermoprene has extensive experience with the following materials:

  • Aluminum

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