Aluminum Precision Shape Extrusion

A cardinal rule, if not at least a guiding principal of profile aluminum extrusion design, is uniform wall thickness.  For processing reasons (flow, straightness, tolerances) shapes with uniform wall thickness are desirable.  Different materials allow variation on this, and aluminum shapes can be designed with some variation in wall thickness.  This unusual shape is somewhat of an extreme example, even though the overall size is small (less than .750 around the fins).  The hollow in this shape is approximately .100″, with a surrounding wall thickness of about .200″.  The fins on this shape are around .030″ thick on the outside of the die.  As you may know this is very difficult to fill with such a large opening in the middle of the die. Thermoprene is confident they will be able to accommodate any of your precision shape needs.

aluminum extrusion shape

Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities:

Thermoprene has the following capabilities with aluminum extrusions:

  • 6000 series alloys, all tempers
  • Limited specialty alloys (2000 & 7000 solid only)
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication & Secondary
  • Finishing (Brush, Polish, Anodize, Powder Coat & Paint)
  • Stock & Custom Tooling
  • Custom Protective and Retail Packaging


Thermoprene has extensive experience with the following materials:

  • Aluminum

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