Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

This thin wall aluminum hex shape is produced in 6063-T5 aluminum alloy for construction of a larger honeycomb panel.  The profile is produced as a hex for strength and pattern assembly.  It is extruded at a nominal .030″ wall thickness for weight savings, and approximately 1.25″ cross sectional flat-to-flat.  These hex tubes are then cut into short pieces, approximately 1″ long and assembled into a honeycomb panel.  The honeycomb skeleton is the foundation on which a carbon fiber panel is built up for an extremely light weight and high strength aeronautical application. Thermoprene is confident we can help with any of your aluminum extrusion needs. Request a thin wall aluminum tubing quote today!

extruded aluminum tube

Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities:

Thermoprene has the following capabilities with aluminum extrusions:

  • 6000 series alloys, all tempers
  • Limited specialty alloys (2000 & 7000 solid only)
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication & Secondary
  • Finishing (Brush, Polish, Anodize, Powder Coat & Paint)
  • Stock & Custom Tooling
  • Custom Protective and Retail Packaging


Thermoprene has extensive experience with the following materials:

  • Aluminum

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