Aluminum Extrusion Heavy Shapes

Thermoprene has the ability to run heavy shapes for applications where wall thickness, aesthetics, or secondary operations require more land to the material.  Heavy wall shapes need to be evaluated individually, and no generalizations can be made with regard to the ratio of perimeter, circle size, wall thickness, number of hollows, etc.  All factors contribute […]

Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions

This extruded aluminum heat sink application is an example of a very small part, produced with a nominal wall thickness of .028″.  The cross sectional dimension is approximately 1″, and about the same in length.  These parts are extruded from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.  Finishing on the parts is simply cut to length and tumble, or […]

Extruded Aluminum Enclosures

Thermoprene produces extruded aluminum electronic enclosures from rigid plastics, such as PVC and ABS, but aluminum extrusions are most common for these applications.  Most enclosures are produced with screw bosses on the ID and card slots configured to accept the contents of the enclosure.  Mating parts can also be produced in powder coated, wet paint […]

Color Anodizing

Thermoprene offers many secondary finishing options including colored anodizing and special effects.  Gold, green, red, blue and among the special colors we can achieve in addition to the more standard, black, clear satin, bright dip, etc.  We have also done polishing, sand blasting, bead blasting, brushed and other custom surface treatments.  Our in-house powder coating […]

Extruded Aluminum

Aluminum is a durable, lightweight metal. It can be strengthened by the process of extrusion, in which it’s pushed through a die and comes out in long, shaped strips. For A/V furniture, extruded aluminum is most often used for cylindrical supports and legs, with some slight variations in shape. Aluminum extrusions from Thermoprene is a […]

Rod & Bar

2011- Used mostly for free cutting brass and is the best alloy for machining on planers, milling machines, automatics and other machine tools. It is a general-purpose alloy for automatic screw machine work. Machines at high speeds Machined surfaces are bright and smooth Excellent mechanical properties and hardness Fair corrosion resistance Fair weld ability by […]

Extrusions, Alloy Descriptions and Applications

6061- Contains high mechanical properties in heat treated conditions. Considered one of the more important and versatile alloys in the extrusion industry. Good weld ability and corrosion resistance Used in industrial marine craft, highway signs, loading ramps and more Readily braze able Ability to heat-treatable applications 6063- An exclusive heat-treatable alloy for the extrusion industry […]

Aluminum Extrusions, Thin Tube Wall Extrusion

Thermoprene offers a wide variety of plastic extrusions. Recently, we added an ABS molded, rigid PVC plastic profile extrusion with a machined window opening, snap fit mating parts and threaded inserts. Thermoprene offers a wide variety of plastic extrusions. Recently, we added an ABS molded, rigid PVC plastic profile extrusion with a machined window opening, snap […]