Fabrication & Secondary Operations Foam PSA

extrusion fabrication foam

One of the most common applications for extrusion is in-line adhesive and and cutting to length.  Foam adhesive systems help build-up material size if needed and allow adhesives to conform to uneven surfaces.  From inexpensive rubber and hot melt systems, to the most advanced acrylic engineering grade systems and heat activated systems, Thermoprene can meet the […]

Fabrication & Secondary Operations Punched

Thermoprene offers other services in addition to profile extrusion, Thermoprene produces fabricated parts from stock materials such as stainless steel, brass, etc.  These parts are punched, machined, formed and cut from flat stock, angles, I-beams, etc.  These particular items are for use in municipal light passenger rail cars,  They are stainless steel, and include accessories […]

Fabrication Die Cut

Thermoprene produces die cut parts from flexible and rigid materials, including rubber, Silicone, TPE, TPR, Vinyl, Rigid PVC, ABS and more.  We can handle short run custom and prototyping as well as high-speed automated applications.  Laminations of different substrates and adhesive applications are common.  Kiss cutting and tabbing are common techniques used in producing die […]

Fabrication Assembled

The control panel cover shown in the attached photo is produced in many configurations for custom electronics manufacturing.  The basic extrusion is the same for all parts, but various windows are machined in the face to accept toggle switches, fasteners, numerical displays, gauges and snap in bezels.  The parts are machined to length for a […]

Fabrication Machined

Many parts produced by other means such as casting, investment casting, forging, impact extrusion, stamping, etc. can be originally conceived or converted to extrusion.  This part is a perfect example of a component originally designed for fabrication.  This profile is a combination of a channel and tube extruded together.  The tube section interfaces with a […]

Die Cut & PSA Fabrication

Many of our extruded parts go through multiple secondary operations before they are ready for shipment to our customers and final assembly.  This particular part has three die cut features, although it is only hit twice.  Once to shorten the bulb section of the extrusion profile, and then once to create the end radii and […]

Sponge with PSA Fabrication

Sponge rubber is commonly used in die cut applications in the manufacture of non-slip pads, feet, and gasketing applications.  Many gaskets and other sponge rubber items are produced with pressure sensitive adhesive systems (PSA), and may be put up in sheets, rolls or individual peel and stick units for inclusion to the end user.  Most […]

Powder Coat & Assembled

Finishing is an important step with any item.  Many extrusions are shipped cut to length at the press, tempered and shipped “as extruded” or “mill finish”.  Most plastic parts are colored, but decorating and mylar wrapping are also common.  This item is powder coated and stainless rod inserts are press fit for final assembly.  Polyester […]

Water Jet Fabrication

Water jet cutting has become a more sophisticated and cost effective means of producing three dimensional parts without costly mold tooling.  Sponge and dense materials run well on water jet, as well as metals and natural materials such as stone. Thermoprene has the capability to handle any of your Fabrication projects! Fabrication Capabilities: Thermoprene has […]