Rubber Extrusions Dense EPDM

Thermoprene produces custom TPR profiles for many consumer extrusion applications, including these guitar pick holders.  These items snap mount to the microphone boom, and hold about a dozen guitar picks for use in live performance and studio sessions.  Santoprene was chosen for this project due to its excellent extrusion processing properties, and it can be […]

White TPR

Thermoprene can produce dual durometer and colored rubber components.  The batch making process for rubber compounds allows us to produce relatively small quantities of custom colored materials.  This particular part is produced in a white, thermoplastic rubber.  It is also a dual durometer component, in which the flat base is produced from a 90 durometer […]

Molded Rubber Bumpers

Thermoprene produces molded rubber components as well as extruded.  The simple bumpers are produced from compression molded EPDM rubber.  EPDM provides excellent durability and economy for applications where color and aesthetics is not a priority.  Other TPR materials can be produced in those applications. Request a molded rubber bumper quote today. Rubber Extrusion Capabilities Thermoprene […]

Rubber Extrusions Cut to Length

Thermoprene produces EPDM rubber extrusions for a variety of applications.  Short lengths are often cut to produce parts which could be molded in larger quantities.  Extrusion tooling affords the customer a more economical start-up opportunity.  This part is produced as a lipstick camera mount.  It is later sewn to a Velcro (hook and loop) backing.  […]