Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Textiles

Company: Textile Manufacturer
The business specializes in automotive interiors, manufacturing fabric for seats and headliners.

In the production process, the adhesive must be heated so workers can laminate the vehicle headliner with the select fabric. Given the caustic nature of the adhesive, the burner bodies were expected to wear out. Unfortunately, they didn’t last nearly as long as the company preferred. The two-part construction design of the burner bodies allowed the corrosive adhesive to leak through too quickly. As a result, the component had a shorter lifespan, driving up replacement costs.

Thermoprene created a new, one-piece aluminum extrusion for the burner body, a critical part of lamination machine. Each burner body unit costs less than the old version and lasts twice as long, generating a significant cost savings for the customer who continues to buy replacement products because of the high quality of the aluminum extrusion.

Heating & Cooling Custom Extrusions
Company: Air Conditioning Manufacturer
The business manufactures commercial air conditioners, energy recovery solutions and other equipment.

As it prepared to introduce a new commercial air conditioner, the business set out to get the most efficient thermal breaks for their doors.

Thermoprene reviewed the preliminary design and offered new ideas to enhance the overall performance and streamline the extrusion process used to build these units. Working with the customer, Thermoprene developed a custom aluminum extrusion to accommodate the thermal break. The aluminum extrusion met the specifications so accurately that the company asked Thermoprene to provide one for another product line set to launch in 2012.