Extruded Aluminum

Aluminum is a durable, lightweight metal. It can be strengthened by the process of extrusion, in which it’s pushed through a die and comes out in long, shaped strips. For A/V furniture, extruded aluminum is most often used for cylindrical supports and legs, with some slight variations in shape.

Aluminum extrusions from Thermoprene is a full service supplier of fabricated and components for the extruded aluminum industry. Our capabilities and aluminum extrusion experience in making ideas a reality benefit engineers, architects, designers, retailers, and project managers. Thermoprene handles everything from aluminum extrusion design and tooling to finishing work and retail packaging. Solids, tubing, thin wall hollows, angles, channels, I-beams; sections, and more are available from in house tooling, or as custom profiles.

Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities:

  • 6000 series alloys, all tempers
  • Limited specialty alloys (2000 & 7000 solid only)
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication & Secondary
  • Finishing (Brush, Polish, Anodize, Powder Coat & Paint)
  • Stock & Custom Tooling
  • Custom Protective and Retail Packaging