Extrusions, Alloy Descriptions and Applications

6061- Contains high mechanical properties in heat treated conditions. Considered one of the more important and versatile alloys in the extrusion industry.

  • Good weld ability and corrosion resistance
  • Used in industrial marine craft, highway signs, loading ramps and more
  • Readily braze able
  • Ability to heat-treatable applications

6063- An exclusive heat-treatable alloy for the extrusion industry and is considered the most important in the magnesium silicates group.

  • Leading architectural extrusion alloy
  • Used in decorative applications, ladders and furniture tubing
  • Good finishing
  • Satisfactory for several applications without additional work

6463- Used for bright anodized finish.

  • Brightness is achieved by buffing and bright-dip anodizing

7004- Considered a medium-strength structural alloy.

  • Used for transportation, construction, building and other applications
  •  Strengths about 25% higher than 6061-T6

7029/7129- Strength levels are considered higher than original automotive trim alloys.

  • High strength alloy
  • Good machinability
  • High stress corrosion and resistance

7116- Used in automotive headrest supports and truck/bus bumpers.

  • Medium-strength alloy
  • Reasonable machinability and formability