Rod & Bar

2011- Used mostly for free cutting brass and is the best alloy for machining on planers, milling machines, automatics and other machine tools. It is a general-purpose alloy for automatic screw machine work.

  • Machines at high speeds
  • Machined surfaces are bright and smooth
  • Excellent mechanical properties and hardness
  • Fair corrosion resistance
  • Fair weld ability by resistance method

2014- Used in heavy applications and is one of the strongest of heat-treatable alloys. Mostly used for forging alloy.

  • Adequate coolant
  • Light-to-medium cuts and sharp tools
  • Machined surfaces are very smooth
  • Fair corrosion resistance
  • Weld ability is good with arc and resistance methods

2017- Similar to 2011, but stronger and harder to machine because it doesn’t have the fine chip like the 2011. Recommended for heavy parts because of its strength.

  • Used for rivets, fasteners and aircraft components
  • Fair corrosion resistance
  • Ductility and formability better than 2014
  • Fair workability
  • Satisfactory arc and resistance weld ability

2024- Higher properties than 2017 and 2024. Known as “aircraft alloy” in rod machining and is one of the most popular alloys for cold heading and roll threading applications.

  • Basic alloy for cold finished rectangular bar
  • Fair corrosion resistance
  • Machined to a high finish
  • Formability considered fair in cold state
  • Applications include Phillips head screws, wood screws and hydraulic fittings

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