Microphone Stand Guitar Pick Holder
  • Material: Santoprene
  • Size/Weight: Approximately .500” wide
  • Processes: Profile Extrusion, cut to length
  • Industry/Application: Consumer guitar accessory

Santoprene would technically fall under plastic extrusion, but is a common alternative for rubber based on some of its properties, including the ability to color the material more easily, and in move variations, than most rubber compounds. Santoprene is one of the most popular brands in the TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) catagories. Thermoprene exudes dozens of materials in these catagories, which can include dramatic options in durometer, elongation, transluscent color, etc. The most challenging part of this design is making the pick holder slots tight enough to grip the picks. Downstream tooling and guides are used to help form the profile after the primary die and vacuum calibration.